Starting a delicious cruise along the amazing Dubai Marina on a traditional wooden dhow

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Even in the best weather, experiencing views and the sound of dubai from behind the windshield of your car can be slightly sluggish. Fortunately, I have found the perfect way to experience a dubai in all glory by taking part in the Dubai traditional wood shipping in Dubai Marina which is amazing. Dhow Cruise Dubai This is one of the hottest attractions in the city, and for good reasons!

Amazing Dubai Architecture

One of Dubai’s biggest attractions is also one of its biggest natural wonders, which is located right outside the city limits. The nature of the Dubais Peninsula means that there is a mile from sandy beach that stretches along the coastline. For anyone who wants to stay away from the crowd and busy life of modern life, or just enjoy time with water, walking along the coast -this beach can be an extraordinary experience.

 Onboard experience

After about 15 minutes, you will go up to authentic and traditional wooden dhow. After riding, your friendly crew will make sure you are in the right place and offer some drinks to get rid of pressure from the previous day. You can expect cold water soda and fruit juice; If it’s not enough to satisfy your thirst, they also offer a variety of beer and bottle spirits. After everyone settles, it’s time to sail.

Dinner experience

Traditional Arabic cuisine will definitely please the sky of your mouth when you enjoy delicious food including fish that have just been caught, grilled sheep and chicken, cakes and cakes. After a delicious lunch, we will sail along the Marina, past the beautiful skyscrapers and the amazing view of Dubai City center. Watch a little Dhows Bob on our way to find where some of these ships are moored for their business trips.

Activity on boat

The buffet includes a variety of appetite to please the ceiling. If you need an afternoon taking, pamper yourself with a cup of tea or coffee that has just been brewed from our dessert bar. For those who want to explore, visit our boutique shop where we offer quality souvenirs and regional treats. Side under one of our many palm trees with your favorite book when you absorb sunlight in the deck.

Tips for tourists

Traveling to new places is a pleasant opportunity to try new cuisine, meet new people and visit beautiful goals. Dhow cruise Deira But that does not mean it must make stress. Follow these simple tips and tricks to sail smoothly wherever you go

By MuhammadJunaid

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