Practical steps on how to learn online Quran for kids

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Learn Quran online for kids. The Noble the Quran is the main source of enlightenment for humanity and how to study the interpretation of the Quran in the right way is clearly a great virtue. Allah SWT has revealed the Koran to guide humanity in the right path until the day of judgment and seek happiness both in this world and the hereafter.

Allah SWT, in the Koran, mentions: “Indeed this Quran guides the most straight way. For those who believe in it, and do the right work, it gives good news that the big prize awaits them. (Al-Isra: 9)

In addition to mentioning past countries, the Quran also contains solutions to all types of moral, economic, family, and social life problems, not to mention valuable information about every modern science. So, to follow the commands of Allah SWT, we need to read and fully understand the accurate meaning of the verses of the Koran.


How to learn the tafsieer of the Quran

It is not necessary to say that the interpretation of the Koran does not come naturally to anyone because every verse needs to be read in the context of revelation. If you want to understand the true meaning but ask questions how to learn the Quran interpretation, you have landed in the right post. In this article, we will explain the description of the Tafsieer, the method for learning, and the type, followed by the best online learning courses.

What is the tafsieer of the Quran

Tafsieer or interpretation is the term Arabic (تفسير), which linguistically means interpretation or interpretation. That means raising the curtain and explaining any problem. This word comes from another Arabic term Fassara, which intends to clarify, explain, or describe. Tafsieer is an accurate interpretation of the verses of the Koran, including Arabic syntax, grammar, literature, and the science of the Quran.

In other words, it is a collection of knowledge that is intended to describe what is mentioned by the Quran, the command that is the basis, and the background of revelation. In the Koran, Allah SWT has explained the word Tresteer further: “And they did not come to you with the example [ie, argument] except that we gave you the best truth and explanation”. (Al-Furqan: 33)

Note that the way to study the tafspeer from the Quran is not an easy task; No one can do it with the intelligence and understanding of Islam that is ordinary or general. Conversely, it was done by people who have extensive knowledge about religion and are familiar with the history of Islam in everything. Someone who gained extensive knowledge about Islam and the Koran is called mufassir (Arabic: مُفسّر). Mufassir is a person who is blessed in Islam because his extensive knowledge of the Koran allows him to provide interpretation or translation of God’s message.

How to study interpretation

Now the definition of Tafspeer in the Quran has been clarified, it is important to know how to study the Tafsieer from the Quran. After the death of the Apostle of Allah Muhammad (PBUH), his friends (RAA) and Muslims just sought their understanding of the Koran in advance from the Koran itself, from the explanation and words of the envoy (PBUH), and then from their own understanding of the verses. All of these methods are still in practice and will continue to understand the true meaning of the Quran. For all people who think about how to start the Quran Tafsieer, the following are the methods described in a certain sequence, which includes the most authentic and reliable before others:

Children Learning Quran in Halaqa

Through the Quran

Online Quran for kids itself is always the main and most important method. This method involves an explanation of one verse by referring to another verse. For example, if we ask the question whether Allah SWT will forgive those who commit sins of polytheism or

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