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As the world becomes more and more technological, it can be difficult to teach online Quran teaching children the skills they need to succeed in life without involving some sort of technology. Luckily, there are plenty of great websites out there that make learning everything from the Quran to touch-typing accessible to kids anywhere in the world, allowing parents to give their children an extra leg up as they get older. Here are five services that make teaching life skills online easier than ever before!

Online Quran Classes

An Online Quran teaching course teaches kids to read and understand Quranic Arabic. When it comes to learning online, many parents opt for English translations of various chapters. That’s fine if you want your child to read a text they can understand—but is that a skill they’ll actually use in real life? Not likely. Understanding Arabic will help them in every aspect of their lives—in every country around the world and especially when it comes to understanding various religious texts throughout history.

How to Teach Children to Type

If you want your child to be able to type with speed and accuracy, here are a few tips for getting them started. The very first step is showing them how to properly position their fingers on the keyboard. For starters, let’s go over what a standard keyboard looks like. First up is QWERTY (if you’re reading in English), which may look different depending on where you live or what languages you speak. If your kid isn’t using a traditional keyboard but instead has a laptop or tablet with an onscreen version of QWERTY built in, that will work too!

My House Rules When Working with a Child

1. Don’t force anything on him; give him an opportunity to make decisions for himself. 2. Take notice of whether or not he is interested in what you are doing with him and stop if he becomes uninterested. 3. Avoid introducing things that can take over his life and interest like video games or pets that need constant care—save them for a later stage when he shows a genuine interest. 4.

Animal Care – Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are great additions to any family. However, it’s important to understand that caring for a pet can be costly over time. Factor in training costs and feeding requirements and you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars each year just to maintain your dog or cat. Online training is an affordable option for teaching our kids life skills such as online Quran teaching. Online lessons are easy on parents too who otherwise may have no other options but expensive private tutors or strict school hours. You can also choose subjects depending on your kid’s interest – keyboard typing classes or cooking lessons, for example – and teach them how to look after pets or look after fish like goldfish too!

Business Lessons in the Car Wash

While I was washing my car recently, a thought struck me: there are two types of people in our world – those who do their own washing and those who pay someone else to do it. As I took care in getting out every piece of dirt from each wheel well and scraped off several layers of scum from my windshield wipers, I couldn’t help but notice that all around me other parents were busy paying someone else to wash their cars. I began thinking about some of these children as they get older; what valuable life skills will they be learning when they delegate their laundry tasks to someone else? How many opportunities will they have missed? In fact, what can we teach our kids if we never learn anything ourselves?

Managing Money at Home – Save for Something Bigger

It can be hard to get kids excited about working hard and saving money. And while we all hope that our children will grow up responsible with their finances (not to mention grateful for what they have), it’s more important that our kids develop good habits early on. To encourage savings among your young ones, try setting up a fun account and open a savings account at home. They can earn weekly allowance or paychecks into their own accounts where you’ll deposit whatever they earn over time; when they want to spend some of it, tell them that they have to first use any amount in their fun account before transferring money from their savings account.

Learning to Write Handwritten Letters

Online Quran teaching for kids focuses on oral recitation of religious scripture and memorization. Online courses, however, do not foster written communication skills. Similarly, after years of typing on keyboards in school and work environments, many children find it difficult to write a simple handwritten letter—and online courses do not teach handwriting. You can begin to combat these shortcomings by engaging in handwriting practice with your children from an early age. Handwriting teaches discipline and helps maintain eye contact when reading one’s own writing out loud.

By MuhammadJunaid

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