Learn Quran with Tajweed: An Expert System to Help You Recite the Holy Quran according to Islam’s Rules


The holy Qur’an was revealed in Arabic; therefore, the best way to understand its meaning and get closer to Allah (swt) is to recite it in Arabic as well. If you’re non-Arabic Muslim who wants to learn how to recite the holy Qur’an but you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! Understanding the Quran A system has been developed that can guide you through reciting the holy Qur’an with correct Tajweed rules in your own language!

The Purpose of this project

This online tajweed course is not only a human expert-system but a software one. it use supervised machine learning method to train, judge and evaluate its subject(student) during their interactive session . It also offers grading for their performance through an end of every lesson test based on scores they get in final exam. it also have a feedback system that allows both student and trainer track all mistakes they did while performing tajweed rules, rules will be corrected by trainer after training process finished. The entire project consist of 2 parts, which are audio files and model (training phase), other elements like interface or backend are part of future development plan when we see that we have enough resources to do so.

The components of this application

Qur’an, Quran rules, Arabic language, and science of reading. Qur’an is a collection of verses written in Arabic language revealed to Prophet Muhammad. So that any non-Arabic Muslim can easily read and understand it even if he/she cannot speak or write in Arabic. The holy Qur’an may be recited in different ways called tajweed. There are rules in reciting Quranic verses based on how they were revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime while he was alive and later compiled by scholars into these comprehensive sets of rules known as tajweed. These rules are applied in daily prayers (called salat) for Muslims worldwide.

How it works?

Please send me your email address through an online form that is on your website. I will also appreciate if you add Sign me up for free online tajweed course in subject line of email. After that, I will immediately forward a link to our learning platform so you can register and get started.

How can I get this application?

Non-Arabic Muslim people don’t have any choice but memorize Qur’an recitation rules. However, due to an increasing number of Muslims from all over the world, especially from Asia, who is not able to recite Qur’an by heart and cannot understand how to implement tajweed rules at their recitation. Since most non-Arabic people can only use online resources for their Qur’an learning and education purpose. However, most online resources are focused on memorizing whole surah rather than understanding how each letter or each word should be pronounced correctly.


What are we going to implement in this blog series?

One of our aims is to help non-Arabic Muslims master reciting and understanding Qur’an easily. So we are going implement a Online tajweed course for them. This will be free for all but we are also going offer paid services as well. In our view, creating an expert system (just like what Microsoft Cortana or Google Now does) can make it easy for users to learn how to recite and understand Qur’an according to Islam’s rules and tradition, Quran Memorization so as we can build one via a simple web application.

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