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Tesla Wheels

When Tesla Motors was founded 2 decades ago, no one could have predicted what an enormous impact it would have on the global ecosystem of EVs. At the time, Electric Vehicles were fairly new and not more than an idea, but Tesla’s engineers and the charisma of Elon Musk (who became the largest shareholder only in 2004 before becoming the CEO in 2008) ensured that the idea was worthwhile!

Today, Tesla boasts a grand total of 5 models! Tesla Wheels are some of the finest OEM there is, and even the strongest critics of the company will attest to that.

However, if you are a fan of off-roading and live for adventure, you will require a set of high-quality off-road wheels. If we take into account the sales volumes of various aftermarket majors, Ohm Wheels leads the race.

However, XD Wheels are not very far behind. These are the most modern rims from the house of KMC rims and have been going strong for over 3 decades!

It is well-known that Tesla is well behind delivery schedules, something even the company accepts. Plenty of people have even decided to cancel their orders as the price keeps increasing with every passing month. Still, if you already own a Model Y, or Models S, X or Y, or perhaps the Roadster, you can turn to XD Wheels for inspired choices.

As automotive enthusiasts and bloggers, we often discuss the nitty-gritty of Tesla Wheels with the professionals who work at retail outlets. For this short write-up, we had lengthy talks with the experts at AudioCity USA, one of California’s oldest (33 years and counting) and most reputable retailers of branded aftermarket rims and sundry other parts. More about them a bit later.

I own a Tesla Roadster. What options do I have?

The Roadster is built for off-roading too, besides its stints on the smooth and paved roads of big cities. Assuming that you are looking for off-road wheels, here are a few choices handpicked for you.

  1. 21” Ohm Amp Wheels: Ohm has some outstanding models which are great fits for all of Tesla’s EVs. Note that all existing Tesla models generally use 4 sizes of rims; these are the 21-inch standard and staggered plus the 22-inch standard and staggered counterparts. This is a fantastic replacement for the OE rims that Tesla cars come fitted with.

This is a Monoblock set of wheels, meaning that they are forged from one single block of avionics-grade aluminum. Ohm is on par with XD Wheels when it comes to technology and engineering prowess, although XD’s products score a few extra points for better styling.

This specific model has brushed silver, chrome and matte black finishes. The Amp series of rims from Ohm are considered some of the best when it comes to that sweet spot of affordability and performance.

While you can get around 50 more models from Ohm for your favorite Tesla, let’s shift focus to XD rims, long considered the best manufacturer of aftermarket wheels for Tesla cars but without the hype.

  • XD820 Grenade: This ‘explosive’ wonder from XD Wheels will soon receive a facelift and a few additional colors. Its fans say that once you pull the pin, the XD820 Grenade lives up to its name! This is a forged Monoblock rim available in sizes between 20 and 22-inches and has a few staggered options as well.

The 8-spoke mesh design is inspired by the racing rims from yore and adds a bit more muscle to your favorite Tesla. When it comes to off-roading, XD rims are pretty well-known as a company that has earned its stripes. This is one such example.

You can use these rims for off-roading and also for everyday use. The XD820 will perform excellently. They are also slightly lighter than around 99% of all Tesla Wheels, making it a favorite among those who are trying to save on fuel expenses.

XD provides an array of warranties on these rims as well!

  • XD847 Outbreak: This is a pretty new model and will probably see another facelift before the first months of 2023 are out. The XD847 are made majorly for off-road use only, lending it an edge over most similar models. The deep lips and the concavity are all pointers to the ultimate use of these wheels.

Available in many sizes, the 20-inch model is an excellent choice for your Tesla Roadster! It will also fit the 3 other models without a hitch.

While this specific model can be somewhat more expensive when compared to most other Tesla Wheels from XD, the XD847 more than makes up for it thanks to its superior design, durability and attractiveness!

I see. What was that about AudioCity USA?

We were just coming around to this point.

If you are a bit befuddled with the sheer variety of options available, you can visit the retailer in person (their brand-new showroom is on Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA) or look up their official website.

When you purchase any item from this grand old retailer, you get:

  • The lowest price guarantee on every product.
  • A slew of financing options that the company provides in association with Progressive Leasing.
  • Professional-backed choices for your vehicle.
  • Single-window communications.
  • Faster and less expensive shipping across all 50 States.

There’s a lot more! When it comes to high-end Tesla Wheels, do get in touch with the rim experts and get informed, unbiased opinions.

Every time!

By Master James

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