7 Tips for Choosing the Online Quran for Your Kids


Knowing how to read Quran for kids and understand its meaning is an important aspect of being Muslim, whether you’re a little kid or an adult. When it comes to teaching the Quran to kids, there are several things you should consider. You want your child to learn with someone who can make the learning process enjoyable and fun, as well as teach them with diligence and understanding of the meaning behind every word. To help you find the right teacher for your kids, I’ve put together this list of seven tips for choosing the right Quran teacher for your kids.

Importance of Learning & Teaching Qur’an

The Qur’an is the word of Allah, and it is the most important book in Islam. Learning and teaching the Qur’an is a way to connect with Allah and to learn about His will for our lives. It is also a way to learn about Islamic history and culture. When choosing a teacher for your kids, it is important to find someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about the Qur’an.

Where do I find a Quran teacher?

There are a few ways to find a qualified Quran teacher. You can ask friends and family for recommendations, look online, or contact a local mosque. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential teachers, you can start narrowing down your options by considering the following factors

What are my concerns about our children’s Qari (reader)?

1. I want to make sure that our children are taught by a Qari who is knowledgeable and has a good understanding of the Quran.

2. I want to be sure that the Qari is patient and will take the time to explain things to our children if they don’t understand.

3. I want our children to be able to relate to their Qari and feel comfortable asking questions.

How do I know if our children’s Qari (reader) is doing a good job?

1. One of the best ways to gauge whether or not your child’s Qari is doing a good job is by observing your child’s interest in and attentiveness to the lessons. If you notice that your child is no longer enthusiastic about attending classes or seems to be zoning out during lessons, it may be time to consider a change.

2. Another way to tell if your child’s Qari is effective is by tracking your child’s progress.

How much should we pay?

One important factor to consider when choosing a Quran teacher is how much you are willing to pay. Of course, you want to be sure that you are getting quality instruction, but you also don’t want to break the bank. There are a few things to keep in mind when determining how much to pay.

How long should they study with their current Quranic tutor?

Ideally, your child should spend at least one hour per day with their Quranic tutor. This will ensure that they are making progress and retaining what they learn. If you can find a tutor who is willing to work with your child for longer periods of time, that is even better. However, one hour per day is a good minimum.

Should they learn Tajweed (pronunciation)?

Of course, learn Quran for kids this is important so that they can learn how to properly recite the Quran. However, there are different levels of Tajweed, so you’ll want to make sure that the teacher is able to teach the level that your child is at. Is it just memorization or does it have grammar?: If your kids just need to memorize the verses then any instructor will do. However, if they also need to know how to understand what they’re reading then you may want a tutor who knows Arabic grammar as well.

What’s their style: Some teachers are very strict while others might be more lenient. You’ll need to find someone who has a teaching style that matches with yours and those of your children’s personality type in order for them to be successful in learning the Quran with him/her.

Do I have questions about my faith?: It would help if he/she has knowledge about Islamic practices in general such as Salah (prayer) and Zakat (giving money).

By MuhammadJunaid

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